Day 4–Australian Grand Prix 2017


After a hearty breakfast all the cars headed over to the track for their parade lap around the Albert Park circuit.


With around 50 cars you can see that the line up drew quite a crowd as it waited to head onto the track.


Just about every modern Ferrari was represented.

I headed over to the suite to watch the spectacle from the comfort of the suite as the temperature was now starting to rise.


By midday the suite had started to fill up as the action on the track started to get serious.

By qualifying time it had gotten quite humid but we all enjoyed the tussles of the drivers going for pole position. In the end the Ferraris are sitting second and fourth on the grid which is a great place to start tomorrows race.

It was another day of action and great interactions between people in the suite and everyone enjoyed their time and are ready for the main event tomorrow.


We finished off the night at Brunettis in Lygon street to ensure we got the the full Melbourne experience.

Roll on Sunday.

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