I knew this day would come


I think many people have had the experience of spying an unfortunate soul by the side of the road having their car being towed. A smaller percentage have had the experience of seeing a supercar being towed. Well today I added a few points to those percentages by having the F355 loaded on a trailer to be dispatched to Racing Red for repairs.

Unfortunately, the stuttering issues have turned out not be to resolved by the replacement of the crank sensors. The problem materialises when the engine gets hot, typically after about 30 minutes of driving. So, rather than attempt to get the car across town to Racing Red and risk an embarrassing break down in a strategic location (read the harbour tunnel) I decided that the best thing was to get it transported there instead.

A contact in the Club referred me to a Carlingford Towing who responded very quickly to my request via email. I arranged for the pick up to be a short distance away to allow enough space to manoeuvre the car onto the tilt tray. Interestingly, I got to drive the car onto the truck, which is another first for me!

With the car secured, I waved farewell as it headed off to see the doctor and I await an update on its condition.

I had always known that somewhere down the track, after buying the F355, that it would end up on a tilt tray being trucked somewhere because of mechanical issues. Overall, I think I’ve been pretty lucky to avoid that situation until now and I will also say that this virgin experience was a lot better that I feared it was going to be. I didn’t cop any abuse, nasty or sarcastic remarks or rubber necks. Just a normal day in the city with a car being towed I suppose, which I’m totally fine with.

I’m sure the F355 will enjoy the ride atop the tilt tray, taking it easy on the journey across town to see the doctor. I suppose that a trip in the  first class seats is warranted now and then eh? When someone else does the driving while you sit back and watch the world go by from high above the traffic. What novel concept that is eh?

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